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For example, if you want to print at PrintBasPrix, you must add the note “Printed by PrintBasPrix – 111 rue Nicolas Louis Vauquelin, 31100 TOULOUSE”. On each flyer, each reader must have the opportunity to know the name of the printer and his address. This obligation is provided for in Article 3 of the Law of 29 July 1881. In accordance with Article L.541-10-1 of the Environmental Code, you must indicate on your printed documents the importance you attach to the collection and sorting of waste. The mention “Do not throw on public roads” has therefore become mandatory. Failure to comply with this penalty can be punished by a fine of €750. Compliance with the Environmental Code: Article L.541-10-1 of the Environmental Code requires the inclusion of a declaration relating to the collection or recovery of waste. For example, the inscription “Do not throw on public roads” is often used. Other non-mandatory information may include “Printed on recycled paper” or “Printed on PEFC paper for forest development”.

No one should not know the law. Here is one of the flyers! You have certainly already seen them on television, the legal notices “For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day”, “For your health, practice regular physical activity” or “Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation” are mandatory when advertising is related to the food and/or alcohol sector. If this law applies to all fonts, note that there are several exceptions to the rule: invitations, business cards, letterhead envelopes do not require this mention. Compliance with this mandatory information allows you to legally enjoy the benefits of these mini advertising posters, which are flyers. Exceptions and special cases: There are exceptions in certain use cases or for certain types of flyers. +++ The application of this legal notice is the responsibility of the customer or the author of the request to print the document (and not of the printer). In case of non-compliance, he is liable to fines. You now have all the rules in hand so that your flyer does not go through the “prison” box. Send it directly to the “Promotion” box and see if you can pick up tickets along the way! If you print your flyer yourself, you must also indicate “printed by us” or “IPNS”. Writing the flyer in French: In accordance with Article 2(2) of the Toubonne Law No. 94-665 of 4 August 1994 and Decree No.

95-240 of 3 March 1995, all written, oral or audiovisual advertising must be in French. The use of foreign words is allowed if they are translated into French. Law No. Act No. 94-665 of 4 August 1994 on the use of the French language defines these provisions. If you wish to write messages written in a language other than the language, slang or dialects used in the field, you are required to include their French translations on the flyer in a legible and understandable way. A priority for all of us! For this reason, the mention “do not throw on the public road” has become a duty. Failure to impose this penalty can (again) be punished by a fine of €750. In addition, even if it is not in the list of mandatory mentions for a flyer, you also have the possibility to highlight the origin of the paper and the quality of the ink. For example, if you print at the jet printing factory, you can specify not only that you are printing on PEFC paper, but also with natural vegetable ink. Many formats and weights are used for flyers: Do you want to start an advertising business by distributing flyers? As with any printed communication medium, the flyer also has its share of mandatory information.

Regulatory compliance is a significant detail. Indeed, in case of non-compliance, you expose yourself to financial penalties. Mandatory information is therefore essential for the creation of your advertising flyers. If you need help with the realization, do not hesitate to call on the freelance graphic designers In addition, the establishment of specifications is essential to create a flyer. Even if it is difficult to think about it every time, do not forget to consult the list of legal notices for a flyer. Because it saves you a lot of worries and we want to avoid problems. Circulars advertising an alcoholic product must include the statement “Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health”. Legal information on a flyer, which are essential? This is a question that inevitably comes to mind when considering creating a promotional flyer.

Its eye-catching design and low cost make it an effective and indispensable support for your communication strategy. However, it is subject to certain legal rules, often unknown, which can quickly increase the score in case of forgetfulness. The expert eye is valuable in avoiding unexpected fines. CREADS, 1st platform for the production of graphic, editorial and video content, reminds you of all the legal notices not to forget for a perfect promotional flyer. Just like the advertising brochure, the flyer is an essential advertising tool. Always relevant in the age of digitization, be sure to pay attention to its design for a modern and innovative rendering. You can also find our top 10 most creative flyers if you lack inspiration. However, some ground rules remain in place when it comes to colors.

For example, black texts on a white background are conscientiously reserved for public administration. The same goes for the colors of the French flag: the use of blue, white, red is only allowed for election leaflets. The flyer is the ideal format to communicate about your next event, publicize your company or announce a new promotional offer. As we have seen, the mandatory legal notices that you must print on your flyer are numerous and deserve your attention.

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