Mosaic Legal Services

Canada`s legal system may differ from your home country. At MOSAIC, we provide the information, support and recommendations you need to understand your rights as a beginner in Canada. little or no knowledge of the Canadian legal system MOSA`s legal defense program provides legal assistance to immigrants and refugees. We help you understand the Canadian legal system and your rights in Canada. Our programs range from family law support, immigration law, labour rights and victim support. All services are confidential and free of charge for authorized persons. Lawyers help victims and their families resolve civil issues arising from sexual assault or violence. Topics may include security, housing, employment, finances, health or education. We provide victim support and support to people living in Vancouver or Burnaby. Contact our multicultural victim support now. This programme helps migrant workers learn about their rights at work and their access to services. We also help employers understand their responsibilities when hiring employees. Do you know your rights in Canada? MOSAIC helps you understand your labour rights and provides legal services and immigration information.

Mosaic Georgia cannot provide legal representation in tort (assault), child sexual abuse, child protection system, victim services personnel, and criminal defense cases for victims accused of crimes. We combine diverse experience with a clear understanding of the role legal departments play in our clients` success. Lawyers are constantly struggling to manage information and business processes, and the pressure to cut costs is increasing. We provide targeted services to help you take control. We listen and learn about your pain points, create a customized plan, and implement solutions at scale to meet your legal outsourcing needs. Our responsive team works hard to ensure your success at every turn, earning your trust in the process. Legal help in civil cases related to sexual abuse or assault may be available if you: On a large and small scale, we work with our clients to keep them on track and at the forefront. Migrant workers with open work permits for vulnerable workers When someone hurts you or your loved ones as a result of sexual abuse or assault, life as you know it changes. We know that in most cases (80%), the abuser is someone you know and trust. This makes everything more complicated. Migrant workers in British Columbia with closed work permits under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are at risk of exploitation or human trafficking.

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain any type of commercial work or sexual act. Domestic violence includes all acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence. We help you with security issues (interim protection orders and hearings), custody and visitation issues, service options for reporting and not reporting victims of sex crimes, your housing rights, your employment rights, your student and civil rights, and immigration status risks. The Safeguarding & Facilitating Empowerment (SAFE) project conducts research and raises awareness on preventing the exploitation of newcomers in vulnerable populations. We focus on excellence and responsiveness in customer service.

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