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Prior to joining Norton Rose Fulbright, I worked in an investment bank as a project manager for the General Counsel, working on Brexit, ISDA contract quality controls and cybersecurity projects. I was also an intern in a governing body for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG Growth). We help you select, manage and implement the right tools to support the management of your projects and/or legal files. NRF Matter Hub, a data-driven business ingestion and management tool, has been nominated for two upcoming awards. Some of the most common pitfalls in successfully managing large legal cases are exceeding scope, cost, and/or time. Legal project management supports the effective handling of issues within the agreed scope, budget and timelines. Faced with unprecedented financial and budgetary challenges, CCs are under pressure to ensure greater control, predictability, accountability and responsiveness from their external legal service providers. We help your legal team plan, structure and report on complex legal issues and large portfolios, and we can help you balance the execution of change initiatives and maintaining the status quo while maximizing your return on investment. Precise framing and effective management of legal projects The desire to reduce these costs has recently fuelled a number of trends, such as increasing the use of EFAs; the desire of law firms to work more efficiently; and an increased appetite for a more structured and disciplined approach to records management, i.e. formal project management.

Use best practices to develop a toolkit and templates to help your team manage their own legal projects more effectively and efficiently. We are thrilled to celebrate 3 years since the creation of our Legal Operations Consulting team at Norton Rose Fulbright. It has been a pleasure to help clients drive change and efficiency in their legal teams, and we have enjoyed working on the various mandates around the world. Working with you and your team, we can provide either a dedicated legal project manager or on-site multidisciplinary resources to manage projects and legal issues, as needed by you, to ensure they are completed efficiently, on time, on budget and of the right quality. Christy is instrumental in driving the firm`s innovation efforts and enhancing its legal services with a focus on people, processes and technology. She has over 20 years of experience managing global financial companies, some of which have been spent in-house in a Global Managing Director role. Although Christy is not a lawyer, she helps the firm provide solutions that meet the needs of its clients, with a focus on value creation, profitability and efficiency. I lead the pricing and legal project management teams in the United States. This unique setup allows me to have a foothold in any world and ensure a smooth transition from the pricing phase to active material management. Our pricing team helps create comprehensive budget options and innovative fee agreements, while our legal project management team helps find and develop solutions that promote efficiency, transparency and predictability. Stéphanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting, will host a panel discussion on February 17 to explore the basic concepts and tools of legal project management and their impact on tracking the scope, schedule and budget of your legal affairs. As Norton Rose Fulbright`s Practice Manager, Christy is responsible for leading the firm`s U.S.

service delivery teams, including pricing, legal project management, e-discovery and litigation support, and knowledge services. She is also responsible for the practice management and talent management teams, who work closely with the practice group leadership to develop and execute the practice strategy. One of the most effective ways to alleviate this pressure is to aim for a reduction in external legal expenses (which typically account for 55-60% of corporate legal budgets). Christy is an active member of LawVision`s Legal Project Management and Awards Roundtables and the Law Firm Management Executive Innovation Roundtable. Get strategic advice on how to effectively execute legal-driven projects and issues, or develop and grow your in-house LPM capabilities. This can include helping you develop your LPM frameworks, processes, and templates, as well as providing training to your team and sharing best practices. Take a look at our brochure to find out what this means for you and what you should consider when applying legal project management to your business. Legal project management (GPL) uses project management methodologies (often complemented by technology) to improve transparency and discipline in how legal issues are handled throughout their lifecycle.

This can apply to a single issue or to an entire portfolio. As an in-house lawyer, you therefore increasingly have to “wear two hats” as a legal expert and legal project manager. As a GC, you may need to recruit and manage a legal project manager (or a team of legal project managers). Everywhere. Growing up, my family moved more than a dozen times. I currently reside in Houston, Texas. During the pandemic, I did an Ironman distance triathlon (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42.2 km running). Blandine Davies | Tom Platt | Sharlene Jones | Robyn Barker | Peace Onuoha Since joining Norton Rose Fulbright, I have worked on complex cross-border matters in the areas of corporate law, banking and dispute resolution.

I combine my technological and organizational know-how with my in-house and law firm experience to support the legal project management team. Conversations on renewable energy and infrastructure in emerging markets In this overview, we describe how we meet customer needs to identify the right opportunity to build a product, and then move into the discovery phase of product development. Every day is different and brings new challenges.

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